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Caring for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is an issue that many Surcare customers live with every day. While everybody‚Äôs skin is different, a European study suggests that we may have more in common with each other than we initially think. More than half of … Continue reading

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Battling the autumn itch

Autumn is the worst season for eczema flare ups, according to recent figures. Research shows that the majority of eczema sufferers in the UK find that their symptoms get worse through October and November. We treat our skin to a … Continue reading

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Spotlight on: National Eczema Week

This year, National Eczema Week takes place from 14 to 21 September. Organised by our friends the National Eczema Society, events will be held across the country to raise awareness of Eczema, the impact it has on an individual and … Continue reading

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