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DIY Natural Face Mask Recipes

Here at Surcare we know how harmful unnecessary ingredients can be for those who suffer with sensitive skin. We don’t think this should mean that you go without the pampering treats that you deserve, so we’ve found three excellent recipes for DIY face masks. Continue reading

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Top tips for coping with hay fever

Hay fever is a very common allergy here in the UK, affecting one in four people. It occurs when your body produces antibodies in response to certain triggers, such as pollen. Also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, hay fever is … Continue reading

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How to minimise allergies in your home

We know how tough it can be for people who suffer with allergies all year round, but as we enter warmer months it can be especially difficult as pollens reach their peak. Here at Surcare we like to help out where we can, so all of our products are free from enzymes, added colorants, acids and perfumes which commonly trigger skin reactions. Continue reading

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