What is Hives?

How do I know what skin allergy my child might be suffering from? As seen in Mother and Baby.

If your little ones has red, bumpy, scaly, itchy or swollen skin, they may have a skin allergy. The appearance will vary depending on which skin allergy they’re suffering from:

Hives are red, itchy, raised areas of the skin that can range in size and appear anywhere on your body.

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Allergy Week

Allergy Awareness Week has landed and we’re here to help raise awareness of skin allergies, and lend a helping hand to those who are suffering. Did you know our laundry products have no added perfumes, dyes, enzymes or acids?

Here is why our customers love shopping with us…


Spring clean your life in three easy steps

Spring clean your life in three easy steps

The clocks moving forward and the days becoming longer, it’s time you welcomed in the new season, with a refreshing start, to set you up for a clean and clutter-free summer. If you’re finding it hard to snap out of hibernation this month, why not try tmuch to hese three simple steps:

1) Declutter your closet and clean with Surcare

Start by clearing out any items of clothing you haven’t worn for a year, it’s likely you won’t wear any of them again. By getting rid of unwanted physical items, it allows you to make more space in your life for new and better things. Then begin to wash your items of clothing you want to keep with Surcare. This will prevent any allergies occurring and clears away any dust that may have built up over the winter months. Be sure to organise your closet to help you feel stress-free when choosing what to wear each morning.

2) Declutter your mind

Many of us are bombarded with the stress and worries of everyday life. Consequently we are left with the unwanted mind chatter that just doesn’t want to stop. To help prevent stress and improve well-being, you should try spending just a few minutes each day clearing your thoughts and focusing on your breathing. Becoming more stress-free from mind clutter may help improve your eczema and your thoughts will feel refreshed.

3) Redo your to-do-list

Creating a new list of the things you need to do each day will make you feel more organised and motivated for the tasks ahead. Focus on the most important, working through each one, this will help you to keep a clear mind. Just don’t overload yourself! A to-do-list helps you to make the most of your time and, more importantly, less stressed. Simple.


Online Review Panel Reviews

Check out what some of our wonderful Online Review Panel had to say about Surcare Sensitive Liquid Detergent:

I have been using Surcare for many years and noticed a difference as soon as I started using it. My allergies definitely lessened. Because of the dramatic difference it made to my skin, I started washing my dog’s bedding in it too and I’m pleased to say that her allergies lessened too! I only buy Surcare laundry detergent and make sure i always have a stock of it in. I wash twice a week with it and find that a little goes a long way. I’m sensitive to strong smelling products and avoid them, but Surcare isn’t like that, the smell is mild and nice.

Sometimes when I’m in the supermarket buying it, people ask me what the product’s like and I tell them the truth, it’s a brilliant product that’s an affordable price. It’s cost effective, as I don’t need to use very much to get a great wash. It really helps my skin and that of my dogs and I’d recommend it to anyone!” – Kate Corker

I was sent this product to try and all I can say is it’s amazing! My hands are completely free of any reactions and eczema that I would of got off any other products that I have used and believe me I’ve tried a lot! That’s why most of the time I would wear rubber gloves with anything chemical I had to touch but with this I decided to take the leap and see how my hands would react.

I will definitely be buying this from now on for my eczema prone family, who have had no reactions to this and I have also recommend it to friends with babies and sensitive skin. I tested it first without fabric softener it smells very delicate and was soft once it was dry but even softener with fabric conditioner used. It has helped so much with our families skin and that is what is important to us as a family because we truly do suffer. So I’m going to continue using surcare not having to worry about the effects on my families skin.” – Charlotte Drewitt

I have been using Surcare now for over a year after winning a bottle in a competition. I have been troubled with eczema and psoriasis for many years but since using Surcare to wash my clothes I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin. As a busy mum the washing machine is always on the go so we do get through lots of bottles but I am more than happy with the results on the clothes as well as my skin. It cleans well even at low temperatures.

As an asthmatic I am happy not to have any artificial smells from a washing liquid. I like that there are no added enzymes, dyes, acids, perfumes as this all contribute to skin problems. Price wise it is comparable with other products for sensitive skin and I am happy to pay that price for it. I have recommended this to family and friends in person and online and will continue to praise the effects of Surcare.” – Jo Jackson


Our Top Four Sensitive Skin Christmas Gifts

Our skin is even more delicate around this time of year and it is important we maintain our sensitive approach to our skin. We have compiled a list of gift ideas for those of us with sensitive skin for the festive period.

1. Pure Pillar Candle, The White Company (£28)

Candles are always a perfect christmas present and an unscented one is perfect for the dining table on Christmas day.


2. Chiswick Throw, The White Company (£60)

This pure Chiswick white throw is the ideal gift for anyone with sensitive skin. Its super soft texture makes it a stylish gift without the risk of the material being an irritant to any friend who receives it.


3. Cuff Detail Lambskin Gloves, John Lewis (£40)

Our skin can get brittle around Christmas. This gift can help friends protect themselves from the aftermath of chilly day by gifting them John Lewis’ lamb skin gloves. The material will be less irritating than wool and protect hands from the cold.


4. The Natural Edit Gift Set, Burt Bees (£29.99)

As 76% of you told us in our poll, your eczema gets worse in the winter months. So a great way to reduce this is through allowing your skin to be moisturised and nourished. Perfectly designed for sensitive skin, the Burts Bees gift set is a generous gift which helps you pamper lips, body, hands and feet.