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Sensitive skin care – how to avoid autumn breakout

As summer comes to an end and the autumn temperatures close in around us, it’s back to work and it’s back to the problematic, dull and dry skin that the autumn winds bring. But it doesn’t always have to be … Continue reading


What is Hives?

How do I know what skin allergy my child might be suffering from? As seen in Mother and Baby. If your little ones has red, bumpy, scaly, itchy or swollen skin, they may have a skin allergy. The appearance will … Continue reading

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Allergy Week

Allergy Awareness Week has landed and we’re here to help raise awareness of skin allergies, and lend a helping hand to those who are suffering. Did you know our laundry products have no added perfumes, dyes, enzymes or acids? Here … Continue reading


Spring clean your life in three easy steps

Spring clean your life in three easy steps The clocks moving forward and the days becoming longer, it’s time you welcomed in the new season, with a refreshing start, to set you up for a clean and clutter-free summer. If … Continue reading


Online Review Panel Reviews

Check out what some of our wonderful Online Review Panel had to say about Surcare Sensitive Liquid Detergent: “I have been using Surcare for many years and noticed a difference as soon as I started using it. My allergies definitely … Continue reading